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School Counseling Team
Instructor: Carolyn Fasana and Joanne Hanger   
What is the role of School Counseling?
fasanaca@pwcs.edu or hangerja@pwcs.edu

Classroom Guidance: Elementary school counselors’ support academic/educational development, personal/social development, and career exploration through guidance lessons. PWCS has a strong guidance curriculum. 
Small Counseling GroupsA variety of groups will be offered based on the needs of the student population and academic impacts. Parental permission is required.
Individual CounselingStudent may receive individual counseling on an as need basis.  Individual school counseling differs greatly from (and should not be used as a substitute for) therapeutic counseling. Parental permission is required for individual counseling
Additional Services Available to Students and/or Parents:
Consultation with parents and/or teachers to discuss problems which might be interfering with academic achievement and to plan strategies for successful learning.
Consultation reference support for emotional and family issues that are impacting a student's learning.
Middle School Specialty Programs (Math & Science, World Language, & IB programs)
Parent resources (books on all facets of child development) are located in the School Counseling room and library the counselors can help you find the information you are seeking.

School Counseling Programs and Timelines:
Mix it Up at Lunch day:   a diversity activity aimed at 5th grade students
Safe at Home Safe Alone:   a program that prepares 4th grade students to stay at home on their own

Secret Agents:    a school-wide program that encourages positive behavior through peer involvement.  Please visit the Secret Agents page found under "Student Activities" 
Guardian Knights:   peer anti-bullying program--student nominations begin in October Detailed information about Guardian Knights can be found under the Student Activities heading
School Counseling Advisory board: October and May  
Career Day: Family and Friends of Westridge share their careers with our students
PURPLE UP DAY:   a day to wear purple to celebrate the resilient child of a military member--April
Discussion Topics
Counseling Updates
The Dangers of Social Media--for Parents

Social Media and What Parents Should Know is Focus of May 18 Program

Middle and high school students and their parents are invited to attend a presentation on the dangers of social media by the Prince William County Police Department in collaboration with PWCS. The event will take place Wednesday, May 18, at 6 p.m. in the Brentsville District High School auditorium

In recognition of our students of military parents/guardians we are collection pictures of our students with their military parents/guardians for our Wall of Heros. Please have your student bring in a copy of a picture to school. We will place the picture on our Wall of Heros located in the main hallway by Mr. Khan's office. The Westridge Guardian Knights have created the Wall of Heros with symbols of our country and the military branches of service that just needs the finishing touch of your military family's picture! Please bring your pictures in before Thursday, April 8th. Thank you
Benton Middle School Openhouse
Mark your calendars--Benton MIddle School Openhouse is Monday, April 25th from 6:30-7:30. Athletic Information beginning immediately after at 7:30 in the main gym at Benton.
PWCS--Bullying Program for Parents
PWCS is sponsoring an information night on how to help your student if they encounter a bullying situation. This free program will be held at Benton Middle School on Monday, April 11 at 7PM. Benton Middle School's address is 7411 Hoadly Road, Manassas.
Guidance this Week 3/14 (1st, 3rd and 5th)
Students will be learning about inappropriate touches during Guidance this week. Students will be viewing PWCS approved age-appropriate video on how to recognize bad touches, the private areas of their bodies, the rules for safe touching, and how to seek help with an adult breaks the touching rule. This lesson is a part of Family Life Education, taught by your student's school counselor.
Kindergarten and 2nd Grade Guidance
Kindergarten and Second grade students will be learning about inappropriate touches during Guidance this week. Students will be viewing PWCS approved age-appropriate video on how to recognize bad touches, the private areas of their bodies, the rules for safe touching, and how to seek help with an adult breaks the touching rule. This lesson is a part of Family Life Education, taught by your student's school counselor.

4th grade students will start a new unit to prepare for staying Safe at Home, when staying alone. This fun and instructive unit is designed to help students feel confident when parents/guardians determine they are ready to stay home alone for the first time.
It’s Back! “Helping Students Learn” Newsletter to Share with Parents

Student Services has restored its subscription to the “Helping Students Learn—Tips Families Can Use to Help Students Do Better in School” newsletter. These are monthly newsletters published by The Parent Institute in Spanish and English that may help parents take an active role in their child’s education. The newsletters provide specific information for parents of students at the elementary, middle, and high school level. Student Services purchased the license so that all Division schools can share access with parents. The newsletters are available on the Student Services website (choose “The Parent Institute Newsletter” in the left menu).

Coat Drive!
The Coat Drive was a huge success! We collected over 100 coats to help needy students. Thanks to the Guardians and KORT for making the drive a success. And thank you to our Westridge community for contributing!
How to Bully-Proof Your Westridge Student
Check out the files section at the bottom of this fusion page for the Power Point presention: How to Bully-Proof your Westridge Student
Greatest Predictor of Success as an Adult---Social Emotional Learning
Parents often ask how they can support their child's future success. This study out of Penn State (follow the link below) demonstrates that teaching your child how to cooperate, communicate effectively, control strong emotions and be patient are the skills most responsible for a successful adult life. School Counselors teach these skills to students and we can provide direction and suggestions to parents who want to support socio-emotional learning in their own children.
Counselor Present at Virginia School Counseling Association Conference
The Virginia School Counseling Association, the state professional organization for school counselors, selected Mrs. Fasana and Mrs. Hanger as presenters based on the positive results of the counseling unit they developed and initiated on De-stressing the Test: using mindfulness techniques and bi-lateral stimulation. The presentation was held at the annual conference on October 2.T heir presentation showcased the coping with stress strategies our 3rd grade students learned during guidance lessons and small group counseling.
Mrs.Hanger and Mrs. Fasana were proud to showcase the accomplishments of our Westridge Students.
Videos and Podcasts
Counseling in Pictures
Important Information
 School Counseling Program Calendar
School Counseling Program's Annual Calendar, Mrs. Fasana and Mrs. Hanger's Weekly Guidance Rotation Schedule
 Bullying Presentation Emotional Intelligence.pptx
Bully-Proofing Your Westridge Student
Parent presentation at Back to School Night
 Competencies and Indicators revised 2 [1].docx
Key components of our comprehensive guidance program to include work habits, time management, goal setting, decision making, working in groups, respecting others, respecting differences and how to get along with other.
 Vision and Belief--WES Counseling Dept..docx
Westridge ES Counseling Dept. Vision and Beliefs
Class Contacts
No "Class Contacts" exist(s)
School Counseling Team Calendar

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